ASISC (UP & UK) ZONAL BADMINTON TOURNAMENT 10th and 11th August, 2022 The tournament was hosted by STEMS in the S.0 Chand Auditorium. Rev Paritosh Noel with his benign presence invoking the blessings of God Almighty. Principal Mrs. A. Deane gave a floral welcome to Rev P Noel. Mr. M. Anthony welcomed the participant Teams and their coaches. Mis A Deane declared the Tournament open. Ten teams participated in which Boys and Girls competed under three categories i.e under 14, 17 and 19 age groups respectively. The following teams secured their positions for the finals 1. Under 14 (Boys) St. Thomas Eng. Med. School & St Francis (Shamli) 2. Under 14 (Girls) St. Thomas Eng. Med. School & Sophia Girls School. 3. Under 17 (Boys) St. Francis (Shamli) & Spring Field (Moradabad) 4. Under 17 (Girls) St. Thomas Eng. Med. School & Sophia Girls School 5. Under 19 (Boys) St. Thomas Eng. Med. School & St. Teresa Academy The Final Standings were as follows: 1. Under 14 (Boys) - St. Thomas won by 2-0. 2. Under 14 (Girls) - Sophia Girls School won by 2-0 3. Under 17 (Boys) - Spring Fields won by 2 - 1 4. Under 17 (Girls) - Sophia Girls School won by 2-0 5. Under 19 (Boys) - St. Teresa Academy won by 2-1 6. Under 19 (Girls) - Sophia School won by 2-0 Anushka Sharma, Ashesha, Dhatri Goel, Manan, Nichay and Diwas Panwar bagged the best player award in their respective categories. The PTIs Mrs. K. Panwar, Mrs. K. Peter, Mr. John Thomas, Mr. Arthur Das, Mr. Suhail Anees, Mr. Anupam Samuel, Mr. Anusheel Andrews and Mr. Abhijeet wilson lend their support to the occasion. The referees for the matches were - Mr. Vivek, Mr. Priyanshu, Mr. Sarang, Mr. Vishesh and Mr. Yogesh. The event was officially closed on 11th August with the Senior Co-ordinator Mr. Akash Masih thanking all for Lending their support. Report by - Mrs. NASIMA ANSARI