School Rules


1. All the students are expected to be present on the first day of the school for new session and also on the day school opens at the beginning of each term. It is compulsory for every student to put in 80% of the total attendance during the period otherwise his/her name will be struck off from the rolls of the school.

2. Students absent from the school on the first day of each term for five days in continuation without taking leave, shall have their name struck off from the school rolls and will be re-admitted only if there is vacancy on payment of the prescribed re-admission fee and absence fine

Leaves Rules

1. All leaves must always be obtained in advance. If due to unavoidable reason a student is absent without leave she/he should apply for exemption from fine but no such application will be entertained unless it is submitted on the first day, the student returns to the school. All sick leaves for more than two days, will only be granted if the application is accompanied with a Medical Certificate. Parents, guardians while applying for leave must mention the name, class and section of their ward, without these information no leave will be granted.

Rules of Transfer Certificate

1. Those who leave school in May, must pay the fees for May and June. Those who leave in November should pay the fee for December also. Those who leave in February must pay fee for March.
2. No Transfer Certificate is issued until all dues to the school are paid. Application for T.C. should be signed by the parent or guardian.They can apply for T.C. on the performa available from the office.
3. Security should be taken within two years after taking T.C. after that his/her Security will be forfeited.