INDEPENDENCE DAY 2023 Our School and our nation celebrated the 77th Independence Day on 15th August, 2023, marking the independence from British Rule and Barbarous activities. This year`s Independence Day was an exceptional one as it showcased how our nation had Developed within these 77 glorious years. The Distinctiveness of this marvellous Day was clearly reflected by the performances of the students as they were Raw and real, and were able to depict real emotions and authentic Patriotic feelings. The function started with a prayer to the Lord Almighty and was followed by the hoisting of the National flag by the Principal Mrs. A. Deane and a performance of the National Song `Vande Matram`. Upcoming was a flawless marching Display that was possible because of the training by Mrs. Kavita Panwar, A Remarkable Marchpast which was executed. with precision, accuracy and impeccable co-ordination. Succeeding it, were various performances and speeches by children of primary, kindergarten and senior sections. Then, was a Divine execution of a special song by our fabulous school choir followed by the address of Ma`am Principal to the school, which was able to give rise to the feelings of nationalism in the hearts of the students. A special Prayer for the nation was also conducted by our respected Principal Ma`am. Then, as a Tradition, Sweet laddoos were distributed to all the students, and staff members. The program ended with a Rally by Students of classes IX to XII which was able to ignite patriotic feelings un everyone`s heart. Report by - RUDRAKSH SHARMA (XII A)