Seminar for Teachers by Madhuban

10th August 2019


Value formation is to education what spirit is to the body. It gives substance, strength, and soundness to one’s character without it education becomes very materialistic and hollow.

A seminar on motivation was conducted for the staff in the school auditorium by a very resourceful person Mrs. Mridul Jain who has been associated with the field of education for the past twenty years. She has been conducted numerous workshops for her teachers and colleagues during her tenure as an HOD and Principal.

She taught about SWOT analysis i.e. to work in our strengths, weaknesses, opposites and threats. As she quotes examples as Maslow said - `We are motivated by unfulfilled needs`. She said that we are motivated by Intrinsic and Extrinsic rewards. We should try to get appreciation from others but do not be demotivated.

She encouraged all by saying that life is not about finding yourself but about creating yourself. We should care less about other peoples` opinion and how we see ourselves is more important.