75th Independence Day `2021

75th Independence Day

15th August, 2021

Amidst the COVID 19 pandemic raging outside and the Social Distancing protocols in place, the STEMS campus came alive as the faculty and students arrived with great patriotic fervour and zeal, to celebrate this day of National Significance.

The school Prayer was followed by the proud moment of witnessing the `Tricolour` being unfurled by our honourable Principal Mrs. A. Deane. The National Anthem and the National song then reverberated the sky. Patriotic songs and speeches by the faculty and the students on stage complimented the programme.

Mrs. A. Deane highlighted the contributions of not only the known but also the unacknowledged valiant freedom fighters.

She rightly stressed upon the need of dedicated steps to inculcate moral values in our lives.


-          Report by Mrs. Nasima Ansari.