Commencement of the Golden Jubilee Year Celebrations (2021 – 2022)

The formal inauguration of the `Commencement of the Golden Jubilee Year Celebrations` kick started on 7th July, 2021 with the Rt. Rev. Dr. P. P. Habil (Bishop, Diocese of Agra, CNI) solemnizing the `Thanks Giving Prayer Service`. The ceremony was graced by the presence of Dr. Avinash Chand (Hony. Treasurer and DEB Secretary, Diocese of Agra), the Rev. Rajiv Chand (Hony. Secretary ADTA), the Rev. Rodrick Victor, P/I St. James & St, Andrews Church, Meerut) and other distinguished guests – Reverend Pastors and Heads of Schools.
Mrs. S. Lyall read out the `History of STEMS`.
To usher in the glorious fiftieth year the celebration commenced with the `Curtain Raiser 2021`. A melodious song `Thank You Lord` was sung by the School Staff Choir.
His Excellency our Honorable Bishop released the `Jubilee Brochure` and `Logo`.
Two slide shows, `Unfolding the STEMS SAGA and Life and Achievements of Mrs. S.O. Chand` were the highlights of the day.
Principal Mrs. A. Deane gave an insight into the inspirational life of Mrs. S. O. Chand and punctuated the Vote of Thanks. 
A Plaque was unveiled by his Holiness our Honourable Bishop for ‘the Commencement of  the Golden Jubilee Year – 7th July, 2021`. Another Plaque for the Christening of the Auditorium as  `S.O. Chand Auditorium` was also unveiled.
                                                          - Report by Ms. N. Ansari