Karamchari Diwas 2021

A day for the Service Staff!

December 14, 2021 marked a special day in the school almanac for every member of the working Staff.

The Management, staff and students of the school assembled in the ground to uphold and celebrate our Support Staff’s Day as a mark of their tribute and appreciation for the invaluable contribution of the Service Staff towards the smooth running of the Institution. The celebration commenced ritualistically with a Prayer Service invoking God`s bountiful blessings on each one of them and their families. This was complimented with a multi-coloured culture programme and the `Nativity Play` by the children. The Support Staff was entertained by a number of games and prizes.

The programme culminated with elaborate gifting by the Management Mrs. A. Deane, our principal praised each one of them with encouraging words.


                                                                                                Report by-  Mrs. N. Ansari.