Republic Day 2022

26 January` 2022

26 January, a day for all Indians to celebrate with patriotism and pride! It is for us to cherish whatever we have achieved and possess instead of criticising what we have not.

The School administration and Staff got together once again to commemorate the Republic day when the Constitution came into force on 26 January 1950.

The days programme commenced with the unfurling of the tri colour by our Principal Mrs. A. Deane. It was followed by the National Anthem and then the National Song which reverberated in the air. The assembly then proceeded to the Auditorium to witness the various items which included speeches, songs and a thematic skit.

Ms. Senorita Prakash gave an enlightening speech in English highlighting the history of our Constitution. It was followed by the melodious song, `Saare Jahan se Acchha, Hinsustan hamaara`, sung by the school choir. Mrs. Sunita Rana delivered a speech in Hindi throwing light on the largest written Constitution.

A mesmerising skit on the importance of the Constitution was superbly enacted by no other then our own staff members Mrs. Jasmine, Mrs. Shadma Sajjad, Miss Amtul, Mr. Rajiv Titus, Mrs, Rashmi Rai, Mrs. Sabrina Mathews and last but not the least our versatile Mrs. Urmila Andrews. Of course the children`s absence was most conspicuous but the void was filled in by our teachers.

The day`s events concluded with our Principal Mrs. A. Deane`s motivational message to the assembly, inspiring all to dedicate their services to our beloved nation and work to the even larger cause of humanity, thus fulfilling the pledges that we have so often made.

The entire programme was joined by the school children on M. S. Teams.

Our senior Co-ordinator Mr. Akash Masih gave Vote of Thanks and the assembly dispersed filled with the Patriotic feelings which were high on this Special Day!


-         Report by Mrs. N. Ansari.