Earth Day April 2022



April 22, 2022


Earth Day celebrated annually on April 22, is a reminder to protect the environment, restore damaged ecosystems and live a more sustainable life. First celebrated in 1970, this year marks its 52nd anniversary.

A special assembly was conducted to celebrate the `Earth Day` on the School Premises  to inform the children about the importance and origin of this Day.

A speech by Manya Rathore of class V and a poem by Navya Kapoor of class XII enlightened the Assembly about the importance of this day.

Principal Mrs. A. Deane encouraged everyone to take part in saving the Earth by being instrumental in protecting the Environment. She laid stress upon planting trees and hence refrains from polluting the Earth. She made the children aware of e-waste management, which is the need of the hour.

The White House escorted the Principal towards the Play Zone where sapling was planted nu her to mark the occasion.

A Slogan and an Essay Writing Competition was organised for the children of classes I to XII.


-         Report by Mrs. N. Ansari.