May 11, 2022


The nostalgic memories of the age old mutiny by the sepoys of the Bengal Regiment on May 10, 1857, were revived once again as the White House came forward with a Special Assembly which was organised in the school.

Arpita Pawar of class XII A gave an isnight about the Martyr`s Day as how the seeds of this Great Revolution were sown in our own town Meerut and how its repercussions reached elsewhere throughout the length and breath of the country .

Shrishti Gehlot of class IX A enlightened the gathering about the significance of this day.

A captivating action song ` Ae Watan` was put up on stage by the students of the Primary section.

A beautiful Patriotic poem was recited by Justin Thomas of class IX A.

Principal Mrs. A. Deane addressed the assembly igniting the spirit of patriotism amongst all.

Her exhorting speech raised goose bumps and all departed with silent promises of showing solidarity to our beloved Nation.


Report by – Mrs. N. Ansari.