July 17, 2022 witnessed the culmination of the Golden Jubilee Year.

The `Thanks Giving Service` for the culmination was solemnized by His Grace – The Rt. Revd. Dr. P.P. Habil (Bishop of Agra Diocese, CNI).

The call to worship was offered by Rev. P. Noel followed by the Congregational Hymn - `O Lord, my God! When I was in awesome wonder`. The Intercessory Prayer was offered by the Revd. Rajiv Chand (Hony. Secretary ADTA). His Excellency The Rt. Revd. Dr. P.P. Habil offered the Prayer of `Thanks Giving`.

A special prayer was led by the Revd. Roderick Victor (P/I, St. James & St. Andrews Church, Meerut)

Revd. Rajiv Chand offered the Closing Prayer. Benediction was offered by the Rt. Revd. Dr. P.P. Habil, thus concluding the prayer service.

The newly constructed `Chemistry Lab` was inaugurated amidst great applause, by His Holiness – The Rt. Revd. Dr. P.P. Habil.

 The Rt. Revd. Dr. P.P. Habil then released the `Golden Jubilee Souvenir Cover Page` that chronicles the year long `Golden Jubilee` festivals. Thereafter his Excellency released the Hymn Book - `Anthology of Canticles`.

His Holiness thanked Principal Mrs. A. Deane and her staff for the wonderful work they do nurturing the young minds.

The whole event was interspersed with a musical stage show which was a lovely amalgamation of the `Reel with the Real`.

Some prominent changed brought about by Mrs. A. Deane were displayed on stage like the renaming of the Houses Tulips, Orchids, Stargazers and Carnations with their respective symbols.

Science and Arts Exhibition brought forth the hidden talents of the young minds.

The opening of the Sports Day was honoured by the presence of the Rt Revd. Dr. P. P. Habil

Children excelled in all fields like Yoga, Aerobics, Dumbbells and Skating to name a few.

STEMIANS scripted a historic moment by winning the Trophy for Basketball Championship. The team reached to the State Level  and then to the National Level.

Glimpses of the true scenes behind an annual function  were displayed on `Screen as well as off the screen` on the stage.

A series of dances were performed grace and gaiety by the young dancers. Fete scenes were realistically portrayed.

Religious festivals were enacted. The Native Play depicted the birth Jesus Christ, our savior.

Our Honourable  the Rt. Revd. Dr. P.P.Habil  addressed  the august gathering with his inspirational words.

The celebration came to an end with a thought provoking speech by the Principal Mrs. A. Deanewho punctuated the `Vote of Thanks`.


                                                                              Report by – Mrs.N.Ansari.