Sports Events 2019

29th April 2019

Keeping up the spirit of Competitive interplay, Inter-house, Championship matches were held which began on 29th April with full zest and fervor. Mrs. A. Deane declared the meet open amongst cheer and applause.

Students and teachers alike displayed great zest and interest in these out door and field events.

Mrs. A. Deane declared the tournaments closed on 2nd May followed by the announcement of the results on 3rd May. The winners were greeted and cheered by all.

The results were as follows:

1. Basketball � Stargazers - Winners (Boys), Orchid � Runners Up.

2. Volleyball � Stargazers - Winners (Boys), Orchid � Runners Up.

3. Throw Ball � Carnation � Winners (girls), Stargazers � Runners Up.

4. Badminton � Carnation � Winners (Boys) Tulip � Runners Up, Girls � Orchid � Winners, Tulip � Runners  Up.

5. Table Tennis � Stargazers � Winners, Tulip � Runners Up.

Manan Singh, a young promising player of Basketball from class VI was appreciated by all.